When the thought of doing this feature came to mind I said to myself, “This shouldn’t be too hard because there isn’t that many different colorways of the KD 7 that released.” Boy, was I wrong! After doing my research and tracking down all of the colorways that released of the Nike KD 7, it turns out that more than 25 different KD 7 colorways released during its great run!

In my opinion, the KD 7 is one of the best silhouettes of Kevin Durant’s Nike run to ever release. I’m usually a person that tends to like high top sneakers better than low tops, but the sleek look of the KD 7 sold me. My favorite characteristics would have to be the Hyperposite and the visible Nike Zoom Air bag on the heel. So with the final colorway of the KD 7 set to release tomorrow (KD 7 “What The”), and the KD 8 set to release next week, what better time to select My Top 10 Colorways of The Nike KD 7 than today. Keep in mind that these are my personal favorites and you probably have a completely different list.

10Nike KD 7 PRM “Aunt Pearl”


I don’t own any sneakers that have pink on them at all, but the meaning behind this shoe is so dope that I wouldn’t mind rocking pink with the KD 7 “Aunt Pearl.” Kevin’s Aunt Pearl passed away in 2001 due to lung cancer and her memory lives on through Kevin with his Aunt Pearl releases. This KD 7 takes inspiration from KD’s angel tattoo on his back with the whole shoe being done in white to resemble the official color of lung cancer awareness. Everything about this shoe is special, from the gold Swoosh that has angel wing graphics on it, the angel wing midfoot straps that display a tributary message to his Aunt Pearl on the backside and the greyscale print of the actual angel tattoo from Kevin Durant’s back that is applied on the inside of the tongue.

9Nike KD 7 “Electric Eel”


The comparison between KD and an electric eel is pretty dope. The electric eel is capable of generating powerful electric shocks of up to 860 volts that are meant for hunting and self defense. Nike compared the hunting killer instinct to the way that Durant plays on the court, always looking for the kill. The eel inspired print on the Hyperposite heel and the Swoosh on the toe are without a doubt the best features of this KD 7,and something that we hardly ever see on a shoe.

8Nike KD 7 “Flight”


For some reason many people overlooked this colorway of the KD 7. Maybe it was the thunderbolt graphic on the heel? Or maybe it was overshadowed by the Nike KD 7 Elite that debuted around the same time? The graphic was actually my favorite part of this sneaker and the reason it caught my attention. The Light Retro on the inner lining and Dynamic Flywire also add another nice pop of color to the shoe. Out of the Lebron 12, Kobe 10 and KD 7 “Flight” releases, this was hands down the best one.

7Nike KD 7 “Easy Money”


Easy Money! That’s Kevin’s nickname due to his ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the court with such ease. I mean his Instagram handle is even @easymoneysniper, so you know he takes the name seriously. Nike connected that name with Benjamin Franklin and his experimenting with electricity (and the fact that he’s on the $100 bill), that resulted in the shoe having a green Hyperposite panel with graphics from the bill. The gum outsole on this KD 7 is also another nice touch that always catches my attention.

6Nike KD 7 “Good Apples”

Sneaker Politics

Initially known as “Bad Apples” (I think Nike should have stuck with that name better), this colorway of the KD 7 is inspired by KD’s take on scoring, “I approach scoring like apple picking.  Keep the good ones and leave the rotten ones.” Kevin says he likes to pick and choose his spots on the floor where he’e most comfortable and can make the necessary plays to succeed. This colorway also sports a Yeezy-like color scheme that looks pretty nice, which is strange because I don’t like Yeezys, at all. My favorite part of this colorway are the graphics that have been placed on the inside of both Swooshes.

5Nike KD 7 “BHM”


Nike has been creating their annual “Black History Month” collection for quite some time now and many people look forward to what Nike has to offer every year. I think Nike did a good job this year keeping things clean and simple by going with a monochromatic look of Black, White and Wolf Grey. The geometrical BHM pattern on the Hyperposite is what catches your eye on this colorway along with the same graphics on the Swoosh by the toe. All of the BHM releases were pretty nice this year and the KD 7 was definitely one of the best.

4Nike KD 7 “USA”

Wish ATL

Just like this year’s first KD 8 release will be the “USA” colorway, the debut colorway of the KD 7 was also inspired by the 4th of July. It’s hard to go wrong with a patriotic colorway, because #Murrica AND it’s such a classic color scheme. The balance between red, white and blue was executed nicely on this KD 7 and as a result lands in the top four of my Top 10 KD 7 Colorways.

3Nike KD 7 EXT “Black Suede”


We’re getting down to the best of the best as we enter the top 3 her folks. Most of the KDs in this list use a pop of bright color to make them stand out, but not this one. This EXT version of the KD 7 gets murdered out with an all black look on the upper that uses a combination of suede and leather. The gum outsole is the icing on the cake and brings the entire shoe together. Just beautiful!

2Nike KD 7 EXT “Floral”


When I initially saw this colorway of the KD 7 EXT I had NO IDEA what to think. The first thing that came to mind was that Nike plastered an antique couch print right on top of a sneaker, and I kinda liked it. Haha. As time passed and I saw more and more pictures of the shoe, it grew on me. The floral print all over the upper that is comprised of mainly roses (which I like a lot) along with a Midnight Navy base somehow, some way work together very nicely. The Hazelnut Brown leather inner liner and midfoot strap add another dimension of sophistication to this already fancy KD 7. A milky white outsole provides the finishing touch on this KD 7 that I’m still salty I couldn’t get my hands on.

1Nike KD 7 PRM “Gold Medal”


After the unfortunate season-ending injury to Paul George during a FIBA friendly scrimmage game in the Summer, Kevin Durant decided to remove himself from the roster citing “rest” as his reason for leaving the team. Considering his workload for the past several years, we can safely speculate that it was partially also because he didn’t want to suffer the same fate as George, which ironically kind of ended up happening anyway. This gold dripped KD 7 is what many believe the sneaker that the Slim Reaper would have rocked for the FIBA tournament, in which team USA ended up winning the gold. The combination of Midnight Navy on the forefront with that Metallic Gold on the Hyperposite panel is simply beautiful. It may be a kind of flashy, but definitely in a good way.

Bonus Entry – Nike KD 7 “What The”

Rock City Kicks
Rock City Kicks

I mean just look at it. This is how a “What The” sneaker should be done. Good job on this one Nike.

Don’t forget the hit up the comments below and let me know what colorways you think I left out and which ones you agree with me on. Where do you rank the KD 7 among all the KD signature sneakers that have ever released?

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